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Escola Politécnica da USP
27 - 28 August / 2008 - Português
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The Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo, through its Mechanical Engineering Department, is promoting the First International Journey of Mobility Acoustics in 2008. The goal of this event is to bring together the technical and scientific community and specialists of the productive sector from Brazil and abroad. A unique opportunity for technological update, when renowned specialists from the various branches of mobility, including hydro and underwater, road, air and rail, will be presenting the most significant advances of the vibroacoustics specialty.

Strategies and purposes of the event:

  • To promote the interchange, as well as to value professionals, companies, universities and institutions involved with mobility acoustics .
  • Bridging universities and companies.
  • To highlight the state-of-the-art of technologies developed by the national and international industries of mobility.
  • To create a forum for discussing matters related to national and international standards and legislation.
  • To be in contact with specific solutions regarding different kinds of transportation.

Consulting Board

  • Alexandre Nunes - GM
  • Capitão-de-Mar-e-Guerra (EN) Alvaro Rodrigues Fernandes - Centro de Coord. de Estudos da Marinha em São Paulo
  • Helcio Onusic - Instituto de Física da USP
  • Julio Meneghini - Escola Politécnica da USP
  • Luciano Pagano Jr. - Marinha do Brasil
  • Nicolas Isnard - 01dB
  • Roberto Pierotti - MAHLE
  • Ronaldo Salvagni - Escola Politécnica da USP
  • Sylvio Bistafa - USP Polytechnic School


  • Sylvio Bistafa - USP Polytechnic School
  • Helcio Onusic - Instituto de Física da USP

Date and Venue

  • August 27 and 28 - 2008

  • USP Polytechnic School
    Main Administration Building

    Av. Prof. Mello Moraes, 2231 - Cidade Universitária - São Paulo - SP

Target Public

  • Scientists, engineers and other professionals interested in acoustics and vibration


  • 230 professionals


  • USP Polytechnic School – Mechanical Engineering Department


  • POLI/USP Communication Services


Bank deposit values


Deadline for registration: 8/25/2008. Congress on site registration only after this deadline.

SOBRAC, AEA, SAE and Sindipeças Members
R$ 250,00
R$ 390,00
Graduate Students
R$ 100,00
The registration fee includes coffee-breaks, lunches and the support material (presentations in CD-ROM, bags, etc.).
Coffee-breaks and lunches will be served in the Exposition hall!
Information: Phone: +55 11 3091-57011 (Serviço de Comunicação Social).


I JIAM 27.08.2008
08h00 Recepção / Credenciamento
09h00 Abertura
09h20 "Noise Management of Lyon City"
Bruno Vincent (ACOUCITÉ, France)
10h00 Intervalo para café
10h30 "Acoustic Development in High Speed Trains"
Joan Sapena (Alstom, France)
11h10 "Identification And Characterization of Nonlinear Modal Interactions in Laboratory Aircraft Structures"
Paulo S. Varoto and Demian G. da Silva (Escola de Engenharia de São Carlos – USP/EMBRAER)
11h50 "Measures in Underwater Acoustics"
José Maurílio de Souza Freire, Fabio Lopes dos Santos and Ricardo Tramujas (Centro de Apoio a Sistemas Operativos – Casop, Marinha do Brasil)
12h30 "Dynamic Properties Characterization for Composite Sandwich Structures Applied to Plane Wings And Fuselage"
Airton Nabarrete (Divisão de Engenharia Aeronáutica/ITA)
13h10 Almoço
14h30 "Conception of Brazilian Submarines Including Aspects of Noise Reduction"
Luiz Antonio Abdalla de Moura (CTMSP - Centro de Tecnologia da Marinha, SP)
15h10 "How Rieter Numerical Optimization Methodologies and Measurement Systems Can Support the Vehicle Acoustic Development"
Maurizio Mantovani (Rieter Automotive, Switzerland)
15h50 Intervalo para café
16h20 "Challenges in Engine Mountings Developments for Heavy Trucks"
Paulo R. Campos and Marco B. Correia (Trelleborg Automotive)
17h00 "SEA Modeling: Design Towards Quieter Vehicles"
Alice Botteon Rodrigues and Chadwyck T. Musser (FORD/Cambridge Collaborative - USA)
17h45 Coquetel
I JIAM 28.08.2008
08h00 Recepção / Credenciamento
09h00 "Signal Processing Applied to Sonar Systems"
William Soares Filho and Marcio Rodrigues Pereira da Silva (Instituto de Pesquisas da Marinha – IpqM)
09h40 "Fatigue Measurement, Analysis and Simulation for Structural Design in the Railway Industry"
Jean-Florent Cros, (01dB-Metravib, France)
10h20 Intervalo para café
10h50 "Powertrain and Vehicle NVH – Development with Virtual and Experimental Methods"
Klaus Wolff, Christoph Steffens, Peter Genender and Olaf Schumann (FEV Motorentechnik, Germany)
11h30 "Applications of Underwater Acoustics in Offshore Oil Production"
Remo Z. Machado Filho (SubseaTechnology Group, Petrobras R&D Center)
12h10 "Time-Frequency Analysis: Fundamentals and Applications"
José Roberto de França Arruda and Belisário Nina Huallpa (UNICAMP/FORD)
12h50 Almoço
14h10 "Perfoil - Acoustic heat shield system"
Nelson Dias (HP Pelzer Group - Germany)
14h50 Intervalo para café
15h20 "Future Perspectives in Global Vehicle N&V Development"
Mary Wolos and Alexandre Nunes (General Motors-USA/Brazil)
16h00 "Considerations Regarding Speech Intelligibity in Aircrafts"
Vivian Silva Mizutani and Helcio Onusic (EMBRAER/Instituto de Física da USP)
16h45 Encerramento

Sponsor, Supporter and Exhibitor

Companies and institutions interested in participating in the First International Journey of Mobility Acoustics as a Sponsor, Supporter and/or Exhibitor, may contact the Coordination of Events – Polytechnic School by e-mail eventos@poli.usp.br.

Forms of sponsoring

The USP Polytechnic School offers companies interested in the areas of Acoustics and Vibration, as well as to other segments interested in its main public, the opportunity to present its logo mark and to show its products/services to more than 230 participants, including many from abroad. Please check the options below:

Application of the logo mark Highlighted in all graphical material related to the event: site of advertisement and marketing e-mail, flyer and folder with 8,000 units/each; certificate of participation; banners and folder of the event; Proceedings of the event in CD-ROM Inserted in all graphical material related to the event: site of advertisement and marketing e-mail, flyer and folder with 8,000 units/each; certificate of participation; banners and folder of the event; Proceedings of the event in CD-ROM

Exhibition of banners

One in the auditorium

Distribution of gifts and promotional material in the folder of the event Yes Yes

Courtesy registration

4 2
Mailing list of participants Yes Yes
Investimento US$ 4,600.00 (US$ 1 = R$ 1,75) US$ 2,300.00 (US$ 1 = R$ 1,75)

Note: In the graphical material, where patrons and supporters will be laid in, the size of the logo marks will be applied in different ways.

Products, Services and Equipment Exhibition

The Polytechnic School will make available an area for the companies to exhibit their products, services and equipment to a selected group of professionals with influential opinions in the decision making process of technological investments. The layout of the exhibition area is already available on the site www.pme.poli.usp.br

The price of the standard box of 9 m2 (3 m x 3 m) is: US$ 2,300.00 (US$ 1 = R$ 1,75)


The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the USP Polytechnic School waits for the manifestation of its Patrons/Expositors/Supporters by July 16 – 2008. Adhesions will be limited to those companies and institutions which officially respond to this invitation by e-mail until this date (e-mail: acoustics2008@poli.usp.br, with copy to eventos@poli.usp.br ).

Bookmark your agenda:

    First International Journey of Mobility Acoustics - August 2008
    August 27 and 28 - 2008


    USP Polytechnic School
    Main Administration Building

    Av. Prof. Luciano Gualberto, trav. 3, nº 380
    Cidade Universitária - São Paulo - SP
    Tel.: 3091-5711 (Serviço de Comunicação Social)

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